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Welcome to Jia Li Da Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.!
86-573--8314 6816 heidi@jldgs.net 簡體中文


Jiaxing Jia Li Da Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., with a history of over thirty years, is specialized in the production and distribution of auto brake chambers, auto clutch boosters and brake valves with investment of 12.6 million yuan and registered capital of 3.6 million yuan.

Situated in the historic town-Xinhuang in Fengqiao Town, Nanhu District, Jiaxing City and near the exits of Zhajiasu Highway and Hangzhou Bay Bridge, it enjoys great traffic convenience with an area of 11,000 M2, fixed assets of over 8 million yuan and 25 technicians. It has more than 150 sets of production and inspection equipments and its yearly output amounts to 1 million pieces. In 2012, its sales volume is more than 0.6 million pieces with annual sales over 65 million yuan.

It is provided with CNC centers, special pressing machines, assembly lines and test equipments for airproof, durability, static characteristics and antivibration and so on. It mainly produces auto brake chambers for Dongfeng and Tatra, T9, T16, T20, T24, T30, T36, 16/24, 20/24, 24/24, 24/30, 30/30, T09/16、T12/16、T16/16、T24/16、T09/20、T12/20、T20/20, T16/24, T20/24, T20/30, T24/30, T24/24, T24/30, T30/24, T30/30, T36/30 and other trailer brake chambers, auto clutch boosters and brake valves. Its products are not only sold domestically but also exported to countries and regions in America, Australia, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Observing the standard of ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Management System and sticking to the quality guideline of “continuous improvement to promote development and pursue benefits and customer first”, we adopt advanced techniques in order to produce excellent products for customers’ requirements.









Jia Li Da Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.
No. 6 Juhua Road, Xinhuang Town,
Nanhu District,Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China
Fang Caigen (13505735985)
Tel:86-573-8314 6816
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